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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  March 2, 2014 1:00pm-2:01pm PST

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>> the newsroom continues now from new york. in today for don lennon. the crisis in the yukraine is e k calating. declaring this loyalty to russia. one day after he got the job. the navy chief is headquartered on the coast. the leaders have replaced him. the prime minister says the
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military incursion is a declaration of war. they are demanding that troops give up their weapons. we'll speak to the reporter who took these incredible photos. president obama is meeting now with the national security team and will call u.s. allies later in the day. putin needs to roll it back in c crimea. >> all options are on the table. but that russia need to understand this is serious. 27,000 people chanted in favor of putins moves inside ukraine.
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protesters rallied. we are covering every angle of the crisis. ben weideman is in crimea and michelle is tracking political developments here at the white house. ben, we are going to begin with you. to describe the photos that you took today of soldiers on the ground around those bases there. hundreds of soldiers in dark green uniforms no license plates have surrounded the base of the
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army. they are not attempting to go inside meanwhile inside there are many soldiers who say that they will not surrender to these forces inside. supporters and opponents of the russian presence, but this is indicative of a situation we are seeing in three different locations here. we have learned that the ele electricity has been cut to the main base here as well. so these forces that we presume are russian came in on friday and by sunday it seems that they are effectively in control of the crimea.
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you look at those pictures there. the communication lines cut earlier in the week. power lines as you described. that sounds like an occupation. you have those confrontation soldier to soldier. are you seeing those happening as well? are you seeing those emotions coming out as well? >> certainly what we did see today outside the base.
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they do support the russian presence here. there are 25% ukrainian not at all happy low profile by and large potential indeed for violence. we haven't seen actual violence today. but it is possible. key point there. at the line, we are hearing of the steps today a military call
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up by the ukraines. what are you hearing there and what are you seeing on the ground as those steps are taken? we talked to a spokesman and i want to add to what ben said. i want to add to the naval base the power has been cut off there. according to the them, she is expecting an attack at that
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headquarters, and that definitely would be a major escalation of what we have seen so far. he also told us tonight at that naval base that there was -- guards saw suspicious movement near a fence and when they went to investigate they shouted verbal warnings into the air and then a stun gun was aimed at them. and injured a ukraine yan officer. this is an escalation of what we have been seeing so far. we haven't seen attacks or violence, but according to the defense ministry spokesman who is in crimea, this is what is going on and what is expected
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tonight. some very strong words. >> i want to follow up on that. it would be indeed quite an escalation. power cut off to the plant, you are saying warning shots fired, she's a these are the first shots fired since russian troops have been on the ground. the ukrainian budget is 1/18 of their budget. what are they doing to respond to that? >> they are say that go all funds are going toward preparing the military. this is a country that is deep in debt. they are hurting. they need a $35 billion lifeline.
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their budget is far, smaller than the russians. their military equipment is not as advanced as the russians and they do not have the fire power a cross the board. there is no question the russians would win that and the ukraineians would lose. there are interesting things to point out. you do have that tatar population there. it is very much anti-russian and pro the government here in the ukraine and they are saying if that sort of population takes place. they are ready to start an armed in surgesy. it is a strong possible outcome that could come about. >> it is not far from the area
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of russia in the south. the origin of the family of the two men behind the boston bombing here in the u.s. please stay close. we have to keep our eyes on and keep our viewers updated. president has been staying on top of these fast moving developments all day. we are going to go to michelle kasinski. we have heard the president spell out in more detail the potential costs the possibility of suspending russia from the g-8. can you talk about the options that are on the table? >> there are a number of options. kerry did that to some extent.
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saying we are not going to participate in the meetings in june. russia's actions have not been the actions of a g-8 nation. and if this persists, than other countries will pulling out of the meeting all together. that would be an embarrassing blow and kerry also spelled out that yes, sanctions are on the table. and going beyond that, there could be trade sanctions. just as russia has been trying to increase trade with the u.s. as the economy slows. going a step further too, russia has worked so hard for organizations like the g-8. the u.s. and al lies could work
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to remove them from those. they are looking at how to support the government. >> we talk about leverage here. we are going to follow the developments but there is another big story weather, we'll tell you who is going to get hit by another big winter storm.
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so another week, another big winter storm. surprise, surprise. the mid add atlantic and northeast will be getting hit with snow. this was the scene this morning in kansas city, missouri. grocery stores are packed and there is a big concern that ten s of thousands will be without power. george, i know you are in the eye of it. what are you seeing there now? >> well here in the kentucky area, jim, as u nyou no as we s
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ice and the sleet and the snow coming into the area. i want to show you what is happening behind me here. the last live shot that we did. live report around 2:00 p.m. eastern. nothing was happening here. a little bit of rain coming down. and now the snow plows doing the work for the rest of the night. 173 pieces of equipment, they are starting to load up the salt to go out and make sure the roads are prepared. the timeline as we know it, i hear it will get rough as the hours go on around 9:00 p.m. we'll start to see the sleet and freezing rain here and then after midnight we'll see a lot of snow. the latest estimate could be five inches or more. so people are preparing as the
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system comes in. just like the locals. >> that is the way that you say it. >> also, in the cross hairs of the storm. tell me what you are seeing now. >> well, jim, everyone is prepares that they are going to see more. this city has seen five feet of snow. right now you will see it is drizzling here in philadelphia. but a storm warning goes into effect through 6:00 tonight. some of this drizzle will turn into sleet. snow is causing a lot of problems across the country. in montana three people had to be rescued from their home. in colorado a 100 car pile up left one person dead. back here in philadelphia, people are getting ready to see
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even more snow. people in philadelphia have had more snow. philadelphia should stay in the lead, jim. >> it is going to be a busy night. >> defense secretary warns the situation in the you crane. how it could complicate the situation more.
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defense secretary warns that russian russians defense risks becoming a serious situation soon. >> as we look ahead of these developments you have the y ukraine military and now beare he hearing about power being shut off to a base. troops are close to each other in a volatile situation. what is the pentagon's view about this? >> the pentagon is absolutely
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adamant it doesn't want to talk about this at all. but the pentagon is going to have to start talking about it. senior administration official has said that russian forces now have kcomplete operational control of the peninsula. that makes this a full on military situation at this point. that means the russian military controls air, land and sea, as you said, the top naval official now essentially to the russian side. what does the pentagon do about it if they want to engage in the russian military as a way of engaging of pulling back. they don't know who may defect
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next to the russian side. controlling for that. that up to this point appears to be the russian goal and it looks like the u.s. has concluded that they have done it. at this point and it is going to make it difficult for the pentagon in the coming days. there are a number of regularly scheduled u.s. navy deployments into the black sea. chuck hagel is going to have to decide does he recommend those go forward or recommend the u.s. navy pull back. it is interesting to see what side they go down on. there are options in the military category, for instance,
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sending ships to the area. that is something that they did there as a signal, i remember at the time as well. that president bush sent humanitarian aid to the capitol at the time. they were military plane s guessing that russian troops. is it correct to say there were no military options on the table when it seems there were steps to take to send a strong message? >> there may be no military operations but there are things in the military category. it is going to come up in days now. the deployments are scheduled by the navy and the u.s. marine core. do they put a u.s. presence in that region as planned before all of this happened? what message do they want to send? but it is coming at another
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awkward time for chuck hagel because he is going to be out in public talking about why the u.s. can cut back on spending and troops and weapons and planes and tanks right as this is happening. it couldn't be more awkward for the pentagon. it is part of the reason they don't want to talk about it. they don't want to put a military face on this. but reality may take over. >> this debate shrinking. you have this challenge abroad. thank you barbara starr. there is much more ahead. including analysis of the military options. our guests will be retired army major general.
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just in the last few moments here, russian forces now have complete operational control. 6,000 russian ground and naval
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forces are now on the ground. in addition to that, we have development a short time ago secretary of state john kerry will travel to the capitol of ukraine this tuesday. two developments on the ground. the russians taking control in the view of the u.s. diplomatic development. putin is not blinking. you ukraine's new navy chief switched sides today. one day after he got the job.
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and we are tracking a strange standoff now in the region. pro russia forces are demanding that troops inside them turn over their weapons. here at home president obama met with his national security team at the white house. secretary of state john kerry says he needs to quote roll it back in crimea. if it comes to that. kiev may turn to the west for help. we are joined by former u.s. ambassador in falls church, georgia. thank you for joining us. in light of these developments in the last few minutes here. if i can start with you, word that forces have taken control.
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is this an invasion? >> it is. and it is not unusual for us to see russian forces now surrounding ukraine yan bases to ensure that they have complete control with the land mass to ensure that doesn't flip or anything that takes place is in question. it is not unusual at all that we would see this. we are seeing the steps of some form maybe premature on my part of an, annexation by russia. we know that forces are greatly
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outnumbered. what aid might they be asking. from the eu and the us, as we hear of what appears to be an annexation of the territory? >> with the russian forces, it seems to me that the government has basically exercised a huge degree of strength in terms of telling them not to resist. they have maintained their bases and stayed in based and not challenged the russian forces in the peninsula. if this is a prelude to a larger intervention, i think the game changes significantly and you will see the army fight. and then the game becomes different than what we are seeing now. it is important to go to kiev.
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one of the things that the united states should be doing is everything that we can to bolster a government that has only been in place now for a few days. >> so we have the diplomatic options there. is there general marks? >> barbara stone and i were talking about this a few moments ago. do you think that a know of force like that again would be a good sign for the obama administration to send at this poi point? if it is not in response to what
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is going on in the black sea. the primary mission at this point is to demonstrate resolve. we can't just be in response to his efforts. they have to build on a presence and respond as directed. >> if i can go back to the diplomatic route as well. earlier today referenced something that has come up in a number of the public statements.
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that is the idea of a political process. we know there is a view in moscow that this government does not represent the whole country. is that the path here, now? bringing in a more inclusive government? are we seeing a trial balloon floated here? >> to be sure there is a east, west divide in the ukraine. in the last two decades that line has blurred a lot. bear in mine, while the ba jomay of the people may speak russian, the only place, where the russians are the ethnic majority is crimea. they may not be comfortable with
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what has happened. they are not talking about sep ratice many. they voted to overturn a language law. we want to take an inclusive approach. that is a sign of the government trying to reach out and hold as much as it can. it is only 60%. you have another 40% there. not all of the russians speaking would welcome a military presence.
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that would include 15 to 20% of them. they are strongly pro ukraine. they associate russian thea with the soviet union. and i independent stand that some of the tartars have threatened a militantcy. what is your recommendation to whas officials as they are making decisions on the fly? i think the key thing right now is to make sure it doesn't flare
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u up. his interest and focus is on crimea. we have to accept that and have to acknowledge if putin is not going to act against the ukraine. this may be a form of containment. interesting. all of this talk about whether we are returning to the cold war. thank you for joining us. the military and paths as we go forward. what he is doing in the ukraine hurts his standing around the world but the damage may already be done.
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senior u.s. official tells cnn that russian forces have m complete operational control. there are some 6,000 forces in the region. we have learned that secretary of state john kerry will travel to the you crane on tuesday. u.s. official confirming to cnn that it is russian forces that have complete operational control in crimea. the two leaders spoke for an hour and a half yesterday.
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aaron david miller is with us from washington. you wrote an accident opinion piece talking about how the implications go beyond that region. how damaging it is. he is playing chess and sadly, we are playing checkers. he hosts the olympics and not
1:49 pm
more than a week later he invades a sovereign country. and maintains control and at the same time he is going to position himself in the end, because this is going to have some sort of diplomatic resolution. he's done it in iran and concludes $1 billion of agreements and he has done it in syria. a lot of help from the president on that one. i want you to stay there.
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we have other breaking news coming in. german chancellor saying that shoos p she has proposed a fact finding mission. since i have you there. how important or valuable would that be? i imagine the russians contend they are asking for help and it is a way to get a more objective judgement as to what is happening on the ground. >> putin has most of the cards. russian and national interests, they are all on his side. s geography is everything. we have few cards to play.
1:51 pm
we have to ask ourselves a question how important is this and what praiice are we prepare to pay with was would prit is important for president obama to look strong now in the face of russia's moves in the ukraine. why is that so important? how would you recommend he look >> small powers pay attention to this.
1:52 pm
he says no cards and he says no. even our friends. and this notion undermines our street credit. unless we are prepared to go to war over ukraine. almost unimaginable. it is going to leave the united states once again as a kind of modern day gull ver. t tied down whose interests are not its own. i want to remind our viewers of a breaking news story. russian forces now have complete
1:53 pm
control of the peninsula in the ukraine. there is a silent stand off in crimea. coming up. we'll talk to our correspondent end as it was happening.
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long before gary played his
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character in forest gump, he was a strong supporter of the military. >> my dad served in the navy. my two juuncles were in world w ii. >> how many veterans do we have here? >> he formed the lieutenant dan band. he has entertained troops around the world. the actor says his call to action became very clear after 9/11. it was troubling to think that our men and women would come home to a nation that didn't appreciate them. he started a charity that builds
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customized homes for the severely wounded. >> i have met hundreds of wounded vets that inspire me every day.
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this hour we are fast fording to the week ahead.
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>> german chancellor said she spoke to lvladimir putin. >> russian forces have complete operational control.